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Change: The One Constant

Everything is going as planned and then BAM – you get thrown a curveball. Things change. Your foundation is rocked. You ask yourself why is this happening??!! Especially over the last couple of years – we ALL got rocked.

So here is the new question: How good is our ability to adapt to change (without falling apart)?

Here’s how I deal with change (after I have the human reaction of, “what the heck?!?!”):

  • See it for what it is, not worse than it is.
    • Look at the big picture and get some perspective. There is always someone in a worse position personally and professionally. And, depending on the type of “change or problem”, there are some people out there who wish they had your kind of problem.
  • Ask yourself: What’s the worst-case scenario this could bring?
    • Because this worst-case may surprise you and bring you to your best case in the end. For example, your company closed down. Did you really want all that responsibility anymore? Maybe it points you in the direction of something much more fulfilling instead.
  • Ask yourself: What could be the benefits of this change?
    •  Let’s say you are relocating your company to another state. This could bring adventure – new people, places, and things to explore. Maybe deep down without admitting it, you wanted a change. The universe knows what you want. It is listening to your emotions, not necessarily your thoughts. Trust.
  • Re-frame the whole situation to your benefit.
    • Let’s say you are having issues with your employees with them coming in and not feeling inspired to do their best work. Maybe your best employees have just been hit hard with this whole COVID experience. Your team and culture are not what they used to be. They changed. Okay, so re-frame that as an opportunity for you to step up as the founder/CEO! You are a leader! Here is your chance to make a difference that counts and bring everyone together!

I know it can be scary. I don’t care where you are and what level you are at in your company. If you are at the “top” and feel alone in your thoughts about change,  guess what? You are not alone. All the others leading have times that they feel this way too.

So let’s turn the emotion of change from scary to exciting. Your brain processes those emotions the same, so why not choose to focus on the one that’s positive? Life is not meant to be played as one-note and change helps you create that symphony where you were always meant to be the conductor.

With love and gratitude,

Donna Sirianni, CEO and Co-Founder


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