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The #1 Secret to Manifesting in Business

As a Founder/CEO/partner don’t you want to know how to leverage all of your resources to attract more business? I mentioned when I started this “Beyond Business” blog that I was going to bring a different perspective to business- and here’s an example. Let’s say you want to expand or launch a new initiative. What’s the first thing you do? You think about it. You imagine what it could be like. Now this is not some voo-doo stuff. It’s reality. Thoughts become things. Take a look around. Everything- objects, programs, services, the chair you are sitting in, and including your business, was once a thought- and now it has been manifested.

But there is something missing in this that is a crucial part of the equation. I’ve been studying the scientific research by Dr. Joe Dispenza whose whole life is dedicated to finding the scientific evidence on how thoughts, energy and emotions work to manifest what we want in this life. I personally find the study of these topics fascinating. I want to understand how this game works so I can implement it and be intentional as to what I want to create.

Here’s basically how it goes- let’s break manifesting down. You think about what you don’t want. You then think about want you DO want instead. In thinking about what you want, vibrations are sent out by you of a certain frequency based on that thought. We are energy- it’s been measured. Each type of thought causes a different frequency of vibration, and that’s been measured too.

Here’s the secret part. Yes, the thought sends out the vibration of what you want, but it is the EMOTION of being grateful that you already have/created it which draws the experience to you. This means after you think about it, the secret is that you have to FEEL what it would FEEL like as if it’s already done. Your emotions have even a stronger vibration than your thoughts do. And it makes sense because it’s not thoughts, but rather emotions which truly drives us in both business and in life.

So, let’s follow this through. Have you ever thought about something in your business that you wanted to create so intensely that you started to daydream what it would feel like? How it would impact your team? Your clients? How great you would feel? Then you got so excited, what did you start to do? (Because no, I’m not saying feel it and stay in a closed off room and it will happen.) What you start to do is to take action. But not any type of action- you start taking inspired action. Inspired because look where it came from. That inspired action is part of the frequency of your thoughts and emotions you sent out. And what you’re getting back is not necessarily those 25 new clients at your door ready to sign, but you are getting back the beginning of the path that will get them to you. That’s why inspired action is so important to act on right away. It’s a manifestation in itself. Do you see how this works? Now not only are you getting ideas on how to make it happen, but synchronicities and introductions to people start showing up who are also part of your manifestation work- and now you are on your way!

There is leverage here- universal leverage. And the moment you understand it and tap into it… it’s a game changer.


With love and gratitude,                                                                     

Donna Sirianni, Founder/CEO/Speaker


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