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The 3 Musts in Building Relationships

What are your professional relationships like? What friends do you have in your circle and why? Who do you want to meet? It’s funny how the universe can set things up where you just happen to be in the same place at the same time with someone who can wind up being your biggest resource, support or even best friend. Here are the three things that I think are most important when developing new relationships:

First, don’t go into it thinking what can he or she do for me? Wrong. Relationships take time to build…think long term, not what can they do for me today. Ask how you can help them. Find out about their favorite charity or organization.  Helping others is always a good thing, so why not support something this person is doing that means something to them? This will also give you an opportunity to be around this person and bond over doing something nice for others. This is a good thing.

Second, communicate with them. Don’t just reach out when you want something. Find out other things besides business that they are interested in. You may have some really cool hobbies that you both like to do and some common interests. Now you are feeling more like a friend.

Third, make time for them outside business. Get to know them as a person. Be authentic and create the opportunity to connect as human beings. Smile together, laugh together. Take time to see if there is a real connection there. And as far as doing business together? If it happens at this point it will be seamless and fun! And if it doesn’t happen, you’ve made a connection with a new friend. And not now does not mean never. If it fits at some point it fits. If not that’s okay too. Maybe you actually met them to help someone in business who they know down the line.

So, be authentic, be helpful, put others first and have positive intentions….and see what happens. At the end of the day, it truly is….all about relationships.


With love and gratitude,                                                                     

Donna Sirianni, Founder/CEO/Speaker


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