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Inspire Employees

3 Smart Ways to Inspire Employees

There’s a reason that extensive research is being done on what makes employees happy. CEOs are learning that happier employees mean greater output, bigger profits, and better results for the business. Moreover, employees who are excited about their work tend to stick around longer than those who aren’t. In an age of unprecedented stress and anxiety, how do you motivate employees, inspire employees, and make them happier? If you feel that your company is in a slump, read further for tips on how to motivate employees and inspire the team that you’ve hired.

1: Give Positive and Negative Feedback

While it’s important to address mistakes to ensure that they don’t become recurring, it’s important to address achievements to ensure that they will keep happening. Sharing constructive feedback with your employees regularly lets them know that they are valued and that their progress is important to you. Rather than saying “good job,” try providing specific examples of how and why their work is sufficient or beneficial to the company. This is especially important for remote workers, who can easily become isolated and unmotivated due to a lack of communication.

To show appreciation for your employees’ wins, there are several effective routes aside from giving raises (though that’s a tried-and-true motivation-booster). Scheduling team happy hours, buying lunch on Fridays, or celebrating employee birthdays are all good ways to show your employees that they aren’t just another number to you. Providing a regular balance of positive reinforcement and constructive criticism will make way for happier, more motivated employees.

2. Encourage Friendly Competition

Incorporating friendly, company-wide competition is a great way to motivate employees– especially if there’s a prize involved, like a gift card or a pass for leaving work early on a Friday. Competition at work has been proven to facilitate cooperation, which also makes for an effective team-building exercise. Moreover, these exercises are a good way for business owners and CEOs to identify those who are looking to exceed expectations and have the potential to be future leaders versus those who work in a more isolated or self-serving way.
While competition gives employees push to work for a prize, it also helps foster your company culture, which is proven to be a crucial factor in employee happiness and employee retention rates. If you lack the time or inspiration to put together a team-building exercise or friendly competition, consider hiring an expert for regular, motivational team training. With proven results, your employees can only benefit from these upbeat, inspirational sessions!

3. Be Inspiring!

Many people take jobs because they want to climb the corporate ladder and fulfill their dreams. There’s a good chance that many of your employees aspire to become CEOs like yourself. If you yourself are lacking motivation and inspiration, it will be difficult to foster a team of invigorated, excited employees. Effective leadership is a crucial aspect of employee happiness and employee retention.

To inspire employees, your attitude is important. Arriving at work on time and with a positive attitude goes a long way, just as bringing a grumpy, negative attitude to work does. When employees see a motivated, driven leader with goals and plans, they’ll be more apt to feel the same way. Ensure that employees understand and share your business mission and goals.

However, CEOs are busy, and the demands of work and life beyond work can be overwhelming. Many leaders make use of executive coaching to flush away stress and to hash out plans for a more clear-minded approach to their work. Your business’s success starts with your mindset, so consider scheduling time with an executive coach to help move things along.

While it seems that employees everywhere are leaving their jobs, this doesn’t have to be a concern for you if you take the necessary steps to create a team of satisfied, motivated employees. Fostering an inclusive company culture with a cohesive, motivated team is crucial to the success of your business. However, that all starts with you!

For professional, focused support to help clarify your goals and refine your leadership methods, schedule a free clarity consultation to see what one-on-one executive coaching can do for you and your business.

For effective team training sessions that open your employee’s minds to their leadership potential, schedule regular group training sessions that have been proven to bring teams together and motivate employees!

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